Would YOU Survive The Hunger Games QUIZ!

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176 responses to “Would YOU Survive The Hunger Games QUIZ!

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  3. I love the hunger games!!!! I would absolutely love it if Katniss went to hogwarts!!! But only if it was in the universal in Florida!!!!

  4. Im 21st to die, I ate poisionous berries, but I wouldnt do that really! I think I would get furthour than that, I run and use stealth rather than confront, I think I might be able to win! How do you get victor?

  5. 8th to die i want to see what this test thinks is winning and loosing because half the stuff i picked was what katniss picked and i die by tracker jackers but katniss gets stung but she still lives!!!!! what ever

  6. i guess im kinda like Rue… I CAN CLIMB LIKE A SPIDER MONKEY ON A SUGAR HIGH!!!!! but im VERY shy.And i look A LOT like her! 🙂

  7. I love peeta he is hott! I have a hunger games fan page if any one wants to join please reply so I can get you a account reserved! ttylxox!

  8. 20th to die. “You know how dangerous a tracker jacker sting can be so that’s why you cling to a tree with all your might. Strangely, that tree starts to look like chocolate. Mmmm. Actually, that tastes awful. Now, it’s that baker’s child you’ve always fawned over. You go in for the kiss– thwack! It was actually Cato. He kisses you back, then kills you.”

  9. i did it 3 times the first time for love 21st to die…. the second time poison berries 14th to die… and third time i ran out of knives and the Careers killed me 5th to die….. how fun right. THE HUNGER GAMES IS THE BEST WOOOOOO!!!!
    Plus for Easter i got Hunger Games slippers, all 3 Hunger Games books, and best of all TEAM GALE SHIRT!!!!! ❤ GALE<3

  10. 23rd to die I would never eat berries and give up my life so I should be victor!!! I LOVE the hunger games I am totally obsessed

  11. I died in Cato’s arms…..wow

    if I was really in the game I would be in the Hill waiting till almost everybody died like Foxface but you know not eat nightlock

  12. 6th to die, I jumped in a lake, and realized I can’t swim, which I can swim, and if I couldn’t, I would never dive into a lake.

  13. It said that i was that i was 10th to die and I impressed “the sexy career ” glimmer and she took of her t-shirt and strangled me. UHHH……. I’m a girl and so if a girl took off her t-shirt i would say ewww and and doess Susanne Collins or any offical hunger games person know about this

  14. I got victor on my second try. My first I got 21st to die but then I decided to “Live it up” lol 🙂

  15. 23rd to die, lolz i was so close! Gave my life up for a fellow tribute who i had developed feelings for hahah.

  16. 20th to die, not too bad. Apparently I got stung by Trackerjackers and kissed Cato under hallucination. And he killed me. But hey, he kissed me first!

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  19. 19 to die! more than I belived 😉 Cato snapped my neck cos I was shouting “I AM KING OF THE WORLD!” when my clothes was on fire… Becoming crazy

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  22. Really? Am I the only one who was 19th to die?
    “You wonder why the tracker jacker sting isn’t affecting you. In fact, you even have new special powers! Your clothes are suddenly on fire, like that District 12 tribute in the chariot parade. You reach out your arms and scream, “I’m the king of the world!” Apparently, Cato doesn’t think you are as he snaps your neck in one instant. “A real man makes his own luck” He says smugly.”

  23. 2nd to die
    you can handle these chumps! insted of runing off at the cornicopia, you grab an axe and start swinging. however, so dose the girl from 7 and your no match for her years of wood cuting. she slices you up like a peice of oak.

  24. 1st to die
    you can’t leave the cornicopia with nothing! you run forward, hoping to get your hands on somthing useful, like a rope with witch you can lasso other tributes. who dosn’t want to do that? Unfortuantly, sombody much faster than you got to the wepons befor you could. now you’ve got a ninja star in your head. YOU MAY BE A WONDERFUL PERSON BUT STAY AWAY FROM THE HUNGER GAMES!

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