More Funny Katniss and Peeta memes

Since our first Katniss and Peeta memes post was such a hit (see here!), we have two more hilarious ones for you. These had us laughing pretty hard.

So yeah, the moral of the story is: Peeta Mellark probably should have told Katniss Everdeen how he felt before he became a stalker and a fellow tribute in the Games. But then, we wouldn’t have had nearly as great a story, so we’re kind of happy it turned out this way!

We thank hungergames90 and for those, respectively.


13 responses to “More Funny Katniss and Peeta memes

  1. this makes my heart pound because of how well peeta did camoflauging himself as a rock. of course Katniss steps on him and peeta grabs her leg and Katniss just starts screaming

  2. Would have been even happier if all that stuff happened but Katniss *didn’t* have kids with Peeta in the series epilogue, and instead she had married someone whom she fell in love with in her 20s or 30s. 😀

  3. ‘Cause showing the teen characters a generation later having only paired up with other characters from canon instead of having met anyone else, as if the setting is so small that there would be nobody else to meet? Lame fanfic plot device, that, and already lame back in the 1990s when some Ranma 1/2 fanfics had it.

  4. “…..Stalked her since i was 5… that’s how i met your mother…..”
    Soooooooooo hilarious!!!! 😀
    Even though i would be happier with knowing Peeta having a girl who deserves his love!!!
    (btw.: sorry for the wrong grammar… english isn’t my motherlanguage!!!)

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