Stay Alive Poster

Check out this fan made Hunger Games themed poster.  If you like it you can purchase your very own HERE.  This is a limited edition as only 25 were printed, so if you want one you might want to hurry!




5 responses to “Stay Alive Poster

  1. I have to say…this is a pretty cool Hunger Games poster even if I (ahem) did design it. (Sorry – that darn ego of mine is always speaking up in my posts!) 😉
    I feel very honored that you liked it enough to include it here on such an awesome Hunger Games fan site. I’ve created a few more posters in honor of District 12. I now have limited edition “The Hob” and “Mellark Bakery” poster prints available. “Eat at Greasy Sae’s” or “Greasy Sae’s Soup of the Day” are next on my creative agenda. I wanted to design the District 12 “landmark” posters to look like photos – or what you would really see if you were walking around the district. “The Hob” poster is chalk art – since it is a black market, I figured it would need to be posted in a way that could be erased from view in a hurry if needed. The “Mellark Bakery” poster is the bakery logo on the side of a brick building – paint peeling and in need of repair – like all things in the district. “Greasy Sae’s” sign will roughly painted on some worn wood – in my mind I can see it hanging over her soup cart.

    I have a lot of other ideas I’m going to be developing as I just love this series – and truth be told, the whole thing started when my 13 year old said he wanted to decorate his room “Hunger Games” – so I got to work creating cool artwork for him. There will also be a few more “propaganda style” posters like the one above – “Down with the Capitol” will be out completed later this week. 🙂

    Again, thanks for sharing this with the world. I invite you and everyone else to go check out all my fan-art posters, bookmarks, and decals at:

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