We’ve been updating you with Hunger Games themed cakes and cupcakes a lot! But, have you seen anything like this yet? This fandom is full of talented fans who devote their time and hardwork for Hunger Games related things. So, from the FandomNet we want to thank everyone for making this fandom a special part of our daily lives.

What a gorgeous cake! Thank you fuckyeah-jhutchh for sharing it with us!


8 responses to “Oh My…CAKE!

  1. That cake looks so good. The only thing that would make it better was if it had a quirrel with an arrow through its eye, sitting on the top.

    • Good point! Although, they did include a lot of details already. The cornucopia at the top looks amazing, as does the district emblems at the bottom. 🙂

      • Yeah, I really like the Nightlock berries at the bottom. Talking about the cornucopia, have you seen the movie yet? Because in the movie it looks like a futuristic public art sculpture. Not what I had in mind :/ but over all still sticks to the book fairly well.

      • Yes, I have. In the illustrated movie companion, they said it was a challenge coming up with the right design. In the end, Gary and Philip (production designer) decided to make it look more futuristic and metallic. Here’s the quote: “We came up with this faceted, sculptural object that felt evocative of the Capitol: hard and cold.”

        I did imagine it more rounded-out and golden, but it worked out well in the movie. Don’t you think?

      • Thank you, with the explination it makes more sense and having to fight on a Thanksgiving cornucopia would be pretty hard. I am so glad Suzanne Collins sat down and contributed to the screenplay. The City of Bones movie is coming out next year and I’m afraid of what they are going to do to it. I hope it won’t end up like the Percy Jackson movie, which did not follow the book at all causing it to be a flop. Sorry if your not part of those fandoms and if I’m just ranting on. I just found the Fandom.net website today and almost had a heart attack. Too much of my favorite series at one place caused an over load in my brain.

      • No, it’s fine! *In Effie’s voice: Welcome, welcome! Glad to know you like our site 🙂 I love all the fandoms too, although I mainly write for Hunger Games. I’m sure it will work out in the end, although they do seem to have a lot of trouble regarding finding the director and cast, don’t they? So much drama…

      • Haha yeah…It will all work out or at least I hope so. I don’t think my poor little fangirl heart could take any more conflict. I also worried about how the whole YA thing has blown up so much. I remember sitting at my computer watching the coutdown for Mackingjay to come out. At the time I tried convincing friends to read the series but no one actually did until they heard about the movie, which makes me bit sad. But I’m still happy that the Hunger Games has gained such popularity.

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