We DON’T wish this

So, yes, this is just mean!  We don’t wish anyone would have to fight in the Hunger Games!  We just wanted to share this with you because we all love ecards!


10 responses to “We DON’T wish this

  1. I would actually love to see Cato take Edward on and Jacob could turn into a wolf and blend in with the mutated mutts. Just the thought of Katniss fighting vampires makes me laugh, she would probably think that they are creations from the Capitol.

  2. Jacob would win, because Bella would die from stepping in a puddle, expecting that Edward would keep her safe and dry, and then Edward would die of pansie-ness. the pack would fight the coven while Jacob wondered how to stop it and then it would be to late. Jacobs the last man or wolf standing!

  3. Scribble misses the part that it says “the cast”, not the characters… Although I, myself, have trouble differentiating the two groups, hahaha.

  4. Edward or Alice would win then. Say what you want, but Edward can read minds and Alice can see the future. Might as well give up then.

  5. It says CAST people, so that means Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylo Lautner, etc… not bella, edward, jacob, alice, leah, the volturi…….so on so forth

  6. Yes, the post refers to the Cast of Twilight, but it would be fun if the Twilight cast take their Twilight roles to play in Hunger Games. I’d like to see how the heck will those poker face gays could survive intense battle, given their vampire and werewolf powers versus Katniss’ bow and arrow accuracy and bloodthirsty tributes.

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