Best loved Hunger Games quotes – with images

Thanks to behindmylove on tumblr we’ve got these three images to share with you, each one contains a well known and oft-quoted line from the trilogy.  Enjoy!

This image of Peeta has part of one of our favorite quotes from Mockingjay “You’re a painter.  You’re a baker.  You like to sleep with the windows open. You never take sugar in your tea.  And you always double-knot your shoelaces.”  This quote occurs during one of the most emotional scenes in the book after Peeta has been hijacked and has just remembered that Katniss’ favorite color is green. Katniss, as you will remember, tells him his favorite color is orange and then quotes the above and runs into her tent before she starts to cry.  Her love for him during this scene is evident and it’s hard keeping the tears from flowing as you read it.  This is also the time when “real or not real’ is introduced to Peeta as an instrument to help guide him back to reality,  which is also source to some of our favorite quotes.

This quote is on everyone’s list!  We love it when Katniss first gets a glimpse of herself in the magnificent interview dress that Cinna has made for her.  She likens herself to a creature that has come from another world as she is so radiant she cannot even recognize herself . Cinna worked his magic on her for sure!

Oh gosh, here’s a biggie!  What’s NOT to love about this one?  “Stay with me.” “Always.”  This quote is so epic it is introduced to us in Catching Fire, but not completed until Mockingjay, four little words spread across two books! They pack a punch!  in Catching Fire a medicated Katniss asks Peeta to stay with her and he responds, but she does not hear what is said.  It is not until after Peeta has been hijacked that the part of her brain holding that memory releases the word “always” and we are all shattered.  Mockingjay is just full of heartbreaking quotes!

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