Seatbelt Chairs, as seen in The Hunger Games

So you know those neat looking chairs that are in the dining room scene in The Hunger Games?  Well, apparently they are made out of seatbelt scraps! Not only do they look REALLY cool they are environmentally friendly as well! Who knew? Check out the story below to learn a bit more about them.

My mind’s eye knew the opulent Capitol in the film adaptation of “The Hunger Games” would be a feast for the eyes. But I wasn’t expecting the clever Seatbelt Chair to make an appearance.

It’s nicknamed “the sexy chair” because it resembles a corset from the front and a high heel from the back. Thai designer Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn created the chair in 2005 out of scrap seatbelt strapping. In recent years, it’s surged to iconic status.

Diane Robinson of Kansas City bought an orange Seatbelt chair for a “pop of color.”

The High Point, N.C.-based Phillips Collection manufactures the Seatbelt line including stools, rockers and ottomans, in Thailand. There’s even a “Texas” dining chair that’s taller and wider, says Mandy Hayden, lead designer for the Phillips Collection. In addition to a variety of vivid colors, the company offers the furniture in brown or white leather.

Source: Kansas


One response to “Seatbelt Chairs, as seen in The Hunger Games

  1. It was LOVE & LUST at 1st sight !! t’s a HOT chair and comfy, too! Lucky me, I found where it’s available to purchase in Ft Lauderdale, FL- only problem: choosing which color: red/blk or light green/olive (also in deep purple/blk, orange/brwn, white/cream, pink) ETD is 14 weeks

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