What if?

Ponder this.  What if the final two tributes were Katniss and Rue?  This thought crossed Katniss’ mind once she her allegiance to Rue was made, but have you ever really thought about it?  Would Katniss sacrifice herself to save Rue, or would she have still done everything in her power to get home to Prim?  Would Rue sacrifice herself, knowing Katniss could possibly rise up and do great things for Panem if she made it out of the Arena?  Could a stunt similar to the one with the berries occur?  Just something to think about.

Source: Hunger-Games-What-Ifs.tumblr.com

5 responses to “What if?

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I think that is a very interesting persective. I think that Katniss would sacrific herself for Rue, only for the simple fact that Rue reminds her so much of her younger sister, Prim. When Rue dies in the book Katniss suffers her loss like it was her own flesh and blood. If she had a choice I think she would do anything in her power to help Rue stay alive and to win the hunger games. Even if this means giving her own life.

  2. It depends on who was the fastest at committing suicide, Katniss or Rue. Both would willingly sacrifice themselves for the other, but Rue might be quicker to do so. Katniss would probably consider the stunt with the berries first. However, Rue might not think of it.

  3. I love these what – ifs. They really make me think. And mess up my life a little 😀 But it would have been interesting if they were the last 2. But it would be sad, also.

  4. There’s a fanfic in which another 2 people who are friends end up the last 2 in some other year of the Games. At the end they decide to just stay friends and not hurt each other, and assume that eventually the Arena will kill one of them.

  5. In the movie, I would rather the boy kill Rue then having the girls in that situation, even though it was really sad when she died. I cried:(

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