Why The Hunger Games have been successful

The Hunger Games have grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide, which is very impressive! We all have seen it at least once and many of us keep going back for more, but what are some other reasons for it’s success?  Whatculture.com has given six reason why they think The Hunger Games  has made so much money.  See reason #6 below and go HERE to see the complete countdown, it’s worth checking out!

6. There Are No Real Stars in the Film

The film’s biggest stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson were both catapulted into Hollywood with very successful indie films (Winter’s Bone and The Kids Are All Right respectively). These films put them on the map as talents but also serve to prove that the independent film market is still an important part of the Hollywood machine as much as it appears to be diverging from it lately.

Jennifer Lawrence has been almost universally acclaimed for her turn as Katniss, the protagonist of The Hunger Games, and there is a definite sense that her talents have added much to the character. This has helped the film build with audiences who are desperate to see strong and willful women on screen and has really shown Hollywood what can happen if you get female action stars right—and with Jennifer Lawrence I think they got even more than they expected. This is the strongest female performance in an action film since Sigourney Weaver in Alien, and this has got to be one of the biggest reasons for the success.

This goes to show that Hollywood can’t keep relying on stars to make films successful and has to stop balking when it doesn’t work. A star helps an audience decide whether or not the film is what they want to see may be true, but in the end of the film is not good it doesn’t matter if the lead is Brad Pitt no one will go and see it.

Remember to check out the entire article HERE!

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