Kellan Lutz wants to be in The Hunger Games

Everyone seems to be a fan of The Hunger Games these days, and why not?  It’s awesome!  Even actor Kellan Lutz from Twilight loves it, which is also awesome!  He loves it so much in fact that he would jump at the chance to be a part of the franchise,  like maybe snagging a role in Catching Fire.  If that happened the comparisons between the two franchises would NEVER end, so maybe it’s not such a good idea?  See an excerpt from Eonline‘s report below.

“I love the script, I love the movie, everything about it!” Lutz gushed to us last night at Us Weekly‘s Hot Hollywood bash at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood.

Lutz said he’s “always been” a fan of the franchise. “I got hooked reading all those books,” he said. “I remember before they ever started making a movie, I was like, “I would love to be a part of this!'”

Maybe Lutz could snag a part alongside Jennifer LawrenceJosh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth in the Hunger GamessequelCatching Fire? “That’d be really special,” he smiled.

As for the never-ending TwilightHunger Games comparisons, Lutz said, “I feel like Twilight‘s kind of more girly and on the romance side and lacks the action and then Hunger Games is very much an action-packed movie that lacks some of the romance.”

“But those stories, it shows that you don’t have to stick to one certain formula,” he said. “If you have these keys ingredients in the caldron it will make a great movie. It’s great that there’s fans for both of them.”

So, what do you think?  Is there a place for Lutz in Catching Fire?

You can read the entire story HERE


14 responses to “Kellan Lutz wants to be in The Hunger Games

  1. I think Kellan Lutz would be a good Finnick he’s got the looks and he sure can make a girl smile. But can he beat the one really photogenic guy 🙂

  2. I really like him but im not sure if he would do well for the hunger games….not necessarily because I can’t really see him as a character (although i would rather have him than alex pettyfer as finnick) but also because, like you said, it would really bring on the comparisons with twilight which i definitely think are not a good thing. at all.

    • Agree he would be better than Alex Pettyfer 7 would kind of be hard to picture him something other than a Vampire.

  3. I love Kellen loved him ever since Accepted , Stick it and Prom Night. I think that he is fantastic and should at least be given a chance to audition for the film i mean really who is it hurting

  4. Here’s the thing. I have nothing wrong with the guy. I mean, sure he was in Twilight, but who really cares, right? My big deal with him is I don’t know how good his acting skills are. He a secondary character in Twilight, and the only other film I’ve seen him in is Immortals, and in that one too he was a secondary character with only a few lines. It was mostly just actions.

    So, for Kellan, I wouldn’t necessarily put him in any big characters like Finnick or something like that. Though, I could see him being one of the other Victors, possibly one of the Career ones. I would like to see that, because I’ll admit, he is very good with action and stunts, but his acting, I’m not 100% that it would be good enough for some of the more complex characters.

  5. Even if Lutz would want to be part of the franchise, a few months ago he said in an interview that he can’t be part of it because the studios (lionsgate/summit) won’t let him. They don’t want to mix the franchises. But then again, maybe since they changed directors it wont matter anymore.

  6. I think he would make a pretty decent Finnick. And it would be nice to see what he can do outside of Twilight because, honestly, as Emmet in Twilight he doesn’t get much chance to show his acting chops. I don’t think the scripts of the movies (or the writing of the books) have really given him much to work with (as far as character developement goes). However, this would cause another little controversy like the fact that Robert Pattinson was Cedric in Harry Potter before he was Edward. If Lutz managed to get the part then the comparison between the three series would be even worse, if they were to share actors. I mean really, all we would need would be for an HP actor to land a spot in Hunger Games and we’d have a three way fandom war on our hands…

  7. If he hadn’t been casted in Twilight he would be near the top of my list. However, I do agree that the fandoms should not be mixed. It would just start an online battle that I don’t think either studio wants. Even though Lionsgate owns Summit, I still think it would be a terrible business choice. I’m a HUGE Hunger Games fan and even though I don’t like Twilight, I’m not going to make comments toward the Twihards but there might be some people who do (not starting anything here). Just my two cents.

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