Make him pay for it, ok?

Look at this painting of Johanna and Katniss during the interview in Catching Fire! This piece captures this moment in the book perfectly, right down to Johanna adjusting Katniss’ necklace.  This is one of the few times we see Johanna’s soft side.  As you will remember Katniss is being forced to wear her wedding dress to the interview and is being mocked by some of the other tributes, and humiliated in general.  At this point Johanna (who we are really happy to see in some fan art!) goes to Katniss and says “make him pay for it, ok?’, referring to President Snow of course.  Not only is this painting beautifully done, it’s also a nice snap shot of a scene straight out of the book.

Mary-Chan on DeviantArt is the person responsible for creating this beautiful piece of art!  Well done!



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