Is Trevor Donovan Finnick Odair?

So Josh Hutcherson and Trevor Donovan met at the GLAAD awards last night, and it looks as though some people (maybe even Josh?) think that we have found our Finnick!  What do you think? Yes, we love the image, but does that trident belong in the hands of Trevor Donovan, or should the search for  Mr Odair continue?  Check out what Perez Hilton thinks below!

In these EXCLUSIVE photos sent to us from last night’s festivities, seems Josh Hutcherson made time to make a new friend! His path crossed with former 90210 stud Trevor Donovan while working the red caret at the GLAAD Awards!

OMG! Inspiration JUST hit!

Take a look at Trevor there. Take a reeeeeal good look.

Tributes, have we just found Finnick Odair?! Could The Hunger Gamesfilms finally have their trident wielding hottie?! We think so!

Mull that one over, Francis Lawrence … and make sure to thank us when Trevor says YES!

We are just FULL of great ideas! Ha!

A huge thanks to our great friend Crystal from for tipping us off to this!

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