What if Peeta pulled the nightlock?

Here’s something for you to think about today.  What if Peeta had been the one to devise the plan with the nightlock berries, and not Katniss?  How would that have changed things after the games?  Peeta would have been Snow’s target, would he have been able to lead the rebellion as well as Katniss did?  And knowing that Katniss is the most important person to Peeta, she would have been the target of the Capitol’s threats.  Would Peeta let her know what kind of trouble they are in, would Haymitch tell her?  Would Peeta not fight back essentially ensuring there is no rebellion, leaving the Capitol in control?  Let us know what you think!

Once again with get this from Hunger-Games-What-ifs, you should really check them out!

3 responses to “What if Peeta pulled the nightlock?

  1. It’s an interesting what if, bit unlike the others this would have never happened. Reason being, Peeta would have never asked Katniss to give up her life. His only option would have been to allow Katniss to kill him. That’s what he’d been preparing the entire time. So te night lock berries would have never crosse Peeta’s mind.

  2. I think Peeta could do it. I mean come on Peeta has always been there for Katniss. I don’t think peeta would just sit there and do nothing.

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