Teen Makes ‘Hunger Games’ graphic novel

Eilish Nobes, a 15 year old Connecticut high school student has created a graphic novel based on The Hunger Games, and it looks really amazing!  She has done all the drawings herself and it’s clear she is very talented!  See the below excerpt from the CT Post and click HERE to read her interview.

In September 2010, in her eighth-grade English class at Immanuel Lutheran School in Danbury, Eilish Nobes was assigned to read “The Hunger Games” — the best-selling novel by Newtown author Suzanne Collins, which has since been made into a movie that is now showing in theaters.

“If it wasn’t for that assignment, I probably wouldn’t have ever picked up the book (which is part of a trilogy) because I thought it was about birds. On the cover of all three `Hunger Games’ books is a picture of a bird,” said Eilish, who is now 15.

Not only did she read the book, by the end of that summer she had read the entire series. She enjoyed the stories so much she created a graphic novel from the first five chapters of the trilogy.

She plans to eventually complete a graphic novel for the rest of the book.

In a recent interview at her home, Eilish spoke about her passion for art and her fascination with the “Hunger Games” trilogy.

Continue reading HERE for the interview

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