President Snow convicted in mock trial

What a great way to teach kids about the justice system!  A Florida prosecutor wrote up a case for and against President Snow in the case The Nation of Panem vs Coriolanus Snow.  What’s so cool is kids actually got to go to the courthouse and act as jurors where they found him guilty! Coolest ‘take your child to work day’ ever! See excerpt of story below.

If you read The Hunger Games hoping that the tyrannical President Snow would eventually be subject to some serious comeuppance, you are not alone. But would you take the steps necessary to hold a trial and convict him of his various crimes against the people of Panem? That’s exactly what a group of kids did on Take Your Child to Work Day in Broward County, Florida. On a field trip to the Broward County Courthouse, one group of kids took a trip to the local courthouse and held a mock trial against President Snow, acted as the jurors, and found him guilty, providing an alternate version of, well, we won’t spoil it for you.

It was the idea of Tim Donnelly, a prosecutor and father of four who saw the movie not too long ago and had the idea to write up a fake case against Snow in the form of a junior courtroom drama that would take place right in the Broward County Courthouse, Room 418. In his off-time, Donnelly wrote out both sides of the case of The Nation of Panem v. President Coriolanus Snow and even got his fellow prosecutors to play roles in it. It’s actually a brilliant and fun idea, with the purpose of exposing the kids to the inner workings of the legal system, using something very familiar (and entertaining) as a reference tool.

Continue reading HERE.

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