There’s A Rebuttal For That – Complaint #35 – Final

This is our final rebuttal.  I hope you gained something from this series, and have a better appreciation for the movie.  If not, well, to each their own.  We enjoyed going over each complaint and while I can admit it wasn’t a perfect movie, I don’t believe it deserved the tirade it received from its so-called fans who were obviously disappointed in it in one way or another.  Regardless of how you felt about it, we hope you’re looking forward to Catching Fire in 2013!  Until then, keep calm and keep reading.

Complaint #35 – Gale is cuter than Peeta in the movie… I wished they had found someone as attractive for Peeta’s role. In the book, I was rooting for Peeta ( I envisioned him as someone more charming and taller), but in the movie, Gale took my heart.

TFGeekGirl, TheFandom.Net – That was YOUR vision.  Gary and crew were trying to find someone who could actually be Peeta, not someone who is cuter than Gale (and some may even argue that Josh is cuter than Liam).  Josh IS Peeta.  Besides, if you were rooting for Peeta in the book just because you imagined him cuter than Gale, then I think you may want to sort out your priorities on what makes a loveable character.

Kait, – Peeta isn’t all that attractive, you say? What the hell have YOU been smoking?

Adam, TheFandom.Net – Caesar Flickerman certainly thought Peeta was handsome, and even as a guy, I can tell that he is. Besides — Peeta is never made out to be a heartthrob. He’s a good-looking guy in the “baker next door” sense. And Gale may very well be better-looking. That’s fine. Collins makes a point of stressing how girls like him. Peeta has other qualities.

Tanvi, Hunger Games Network – Love, Gale IS supposed to be hotter. Girls swooning over him and all that. He is the charmer in District 12, and it is clearly mentioned.
Also, please find something more out of this trilogy.

Savanna, HG Fireside Chat – Well, first of all, beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder, and I know plenty of girls (and guys) who would disagree with you and say that they prefer Josh Hutcherson to Liam Hemsworth. I happen to think Josh is adorable! But all that aside, isn’t Gale SUPPOSED to be cuter than Peeta? Katniss mentions that lots of girls are interested in him and it’s implied that he’s very attractive. Peeta, on the other hand, is never described as tall or handsome in the books. Katniss mentions that he has a “stocky” build, but that’s pretty much it.

Luly – I think that both the books and the movie would have preferred you to care about their thoughts and personalities rather than their looks, because these books and movie are more about ideas than aesthetics. But if you are going to prefer Gale (because of Liam’s looks) rather than Peeta (because of Josh’s looks), that is up to you and not a movie problem; just like if you preferred Peeta in the books because of how you pictured his looks, it’s up to you and nothing that Suzanne Collins wanted you to think.


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We will be posting a new complaint and our argument against it each day until all 35 complaints have been posted.  We hope that if you didn’t like the movie for any of the issues we have coming within this next month, you will continue to hear us out and at least take into consideration our reasoning/rebuttal about it. Logical comments are welcome!  All others are invalid.


8 responses to “There’s A Rebuttal For That – Complaint #35 – Final

  1. I personally don’t like Liam Hemsworth too much. And it really doesn’t matter, like Luly said. This isn’t *shudders at mention* Twilight.

  2. U really have to disagree with this complaint. It’s totally wrong in my point of view. I really like Josh better than Liam and that was n

  3. I really have to disagree with this complaint. It’s totally wrong in my point of view. I really like Josh better than Liam and that was not the whole point of this movie and book. All the looks are in your mind. Just stop with all your complaining an enjoy and learn from the book and movie! Everyone else seems to!

  4. Personally I was disappointed in who they cast for Gale because I find Liam Hemsworth unattractive whereas I loved the Peeta casting because I’ve been a Josh Hutcherson fan for years. I find him MUCH more attractive than Liam.

    Of course I think the biggest rebuttal for this of all is that attractiveness of the main characters should have nothing to do with your enjoyment of the movie. As long as they can act the part well that’s all that should matter. If people don’t like a movie merely because an actor isn’t hot enough for them I think they need to be examining their priorities…. 😛

  5. @Peeta lover I agree =)

    This complaint is idiotic, of course the books and movie aren’t about looks and if that’s the only thing that mattered to the person, well they should probably go and reflect on how shallow that sounds and watch something more akin to their level like say the girl next door.
    Peeta is cute and sweet (although at the end of the first book, Katniss did in fact describe him as beautiful), and it’s his behavior that make him so lovable. Josh Hutcherson was great as Peeta and he lived up to my expectations which, I’ll admit, were quite high.
    Liam Hemsworth was okay in the movie but I never liked Gale much in the books, and the fact that the actor is dating Miley Cyrus doesn’t help my opinion of him.
    And finally, on a purely superficial note, I still like Josh way better than Liam.

  6. First of all I agree that none of this is about looks. It was about personality, how they fit in the story and their relationship with Katniss. I also agree with the comments that said Gale was supposed to be better looking than Peeta, (the characters in the book, not the people who played them)

    Gale, as has been stated was painted as the ‘heartthrob’ of the D12, while Peeta was just the baker’s son. Gale exuded a sense of confidence, he knew how to hunt, he knew how to work in the mines, he knew how to take care of his family, he never questioned going outside the fence to do what needed to be done, and he knew how to talk to Katniss, he was her friend, not boyfriend, just friend. I never got the sense that there were ‘ooey-gooey mushy feelings’ between them. I think the movie built that sense up a little too much.

    Peeta spent him time inside, his skill was baking and decorating, he was quiet, a little clumsy and too shy to talk to Katniss before the games. But Peeta was brave, really (physically) strong, and honest. I felt he came into his own during the games. I think the actors they choose to play them was a good choice, I believed them which is what good acting is supposed to do.

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