‘Catching Fire’ trailer by L4gMast3Rz

You may remember we told you about a group of very talented North Carolina teenagers who made their own full length version of The Hunger Games. Well L4gMast3Rz has now made a full length trailer for Catching Fire and it is brilliant!

It’s obvious they are huge fans of the series and put a lot of thought into making this trailer.  Great job!  You can check out all their videos HERE

Thank you to Mockingjay.net for tipping us off to this!

2 responses to “‘Catching Fire’ trailer by L4gMast3Rz

  1. There are fanvids, there are crossover fanfics, now are there any crossover fanvids? A Hunger Games and District 9 crossover fanvid (if they can’t do the SFX for the alien style from the actual movie, they could use the alien style in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le3y0QlLjJE which is the 6 minute video Neill Blomkamp directed before he directed D9) could be awesome

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