Is Finnick casting narrowed down to three actors?

Lionsgate has neither confirmed nor denied this, but E Online is reporting that a source tells them the casting for Finnick is down to Armie Hammer, Taylor Kitsch, and Garrett Hedlund.  See below!

Has The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire found its Finnick Odair?

Not just yet, but it sounds like the movie franchise’s studio Lionsgate could be getting close to finally picking its man to play the dreamy tribute…

A source tells us at that the top three names being bantered about right now are Armie Hammer,Taylor Kitsch and Garrett Hedlund.

The source also says that a final decision from the studio may be announced as early as this week.

However, another source says the studio may also be looking at unknowns à la Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise.

Filming is scheduled to begin in the fall with Francis Lawrence taking over the directing reigns fromGary Ross.

Catching Fire will be released on Nov. 22, 2013.

Keep in mind this is a still a rumor until confirmed, so there is a good chance this is not true. Either way, we certainly hope a decision is made very soon, we’ve waited long enough!

22 responses to “Is Finnick casting narrowed down to three actors?

  1. GARRETT HEDLUND FOR FINNICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Who´s the guy in the middle??!
    PLEASE don´t make that guy in the middle be finnick!!!!!

    The cute guy on the left could be a good desition
    or Brad Pitt

      • If the choice does fall on this three, I totally agree with you. If not, I think that there are better choices… 🙂

  3. wtf lol. i honestly think an unknown a bit younger actor would be great. Anyways Garret whatever is a really sucky actor.

    • The critics from Cannes disagree. He’s gotten nothing but rave reviews for his performance as Dean Moriarty. And that’s one heck of a complicated character.

  4. Well, it’s up to Liongate and if they can make Jennifer Lawrence look scarily like how I imagined Katniss, they can make any of these guys look like Finnick. Plus, if they mess this up, they have the whole fandom to face and Mockingjay will be a flop.

  5. Garrett would be great. I think he’s a good actor, I’ve seen a lot of he’s movies and well, I don’t think Lionsgate chose him for nothing.

  6. What none of these are Finnicks!!! 😦 Lionsgate needs to be looking at good looking guys to play Finnick emphasise on the GOOD ah this is worse than Liam hemsworth playing Gale 😦

    • Finnick needs to be more than a pretty face. If they choose a extremely hot guy over acting skills, Catching Fire and Mockingjay is suck. Big Time.
      Are people forgetting that Finnick is more than a hot bod? Seriously.

  7. well to be honest, i dont suppose any of those pictures do those guys justice. i hope to god they look better in real life, whoever gets chosen, and that they dont suck at acting! in fact, if you type taylor kitsch’s (the middle guy) name in to google, hes actually pretty hot! actually type any of their names in to google and they are way better looking than in these pictures!

    and did i read that right? brad pitt?! i must be reading that wrong, thats ridiculous.

  8. Finnick is supposed to be 24 (he was 14 years old in the 65th Hunger Games). Brad Pitt is good looking, but can NOT pass for 24 anymore…unless you saw him in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Still…let one of these young guys catch a break.

  9. Garrett has been my favorite since I first read catching fire!! ❤ I really hope it's going to be him! 😀

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