Possible Problem?

The people responsible for Hunger Games being out in movies, Lions Gate Entertainmnt Corp., declared a loss of $22.7 million on costs even after its purchase of Summit Entertainment and production of the *pure-awesomeness* The Hunger Games. This is a really surprising update. IS THE CAPITOL ATTACKING IT FOR ITS REVELATION OF THEIR CORRUPTION?? read more about the article HERE.


One response to “Possible Problem?

  1. from the article:

    “…Lions Gate has yet to report most of the revenue and profits it will receive from ‘Hunger Games,’ which was released March 23 and went on to make $396 million in domestic ticket sales. However, it had to immediately account for the cost of advertisements and thousands of film prints.

    “In a statement, the Santa Monica company’s chief executive portrayed results from its fiscal fourth quarter as a temporary blip on the way to longer-term success from its teen movie franchises.

    “With substantially all of the profitability of the first ‘Hunger Games’ film and this November’s release of ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2’ still ahead of us, we have great visibility and have set the stage for anticipated strong EBITDA, free cash flow and earnings in the year ahead,” said Jon Feltheimer…”

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