I’ve come for a drink

This is one of my favorite scenes from Catching Fire and one that I hope makes it into the movie!  See excerpt from the book below describing this very scene, if you have not yet read Catching Fire this may contain spoilers so consider yourself warned!

I hurry back into the night and head straight to Haymitch’s house. He’s sitting alone at the kitchen table, a half-emptied bottle of liquor in one fist, his knife in the other. Drunk as a skunk.
“Ah, there she is. All tuckered out. Finally did the maths, did you, sweetheart? Worked out you won’t be going in alone? And now you’re here to ask me… what?”
I don’t answer. The window’s wide open and the wind cuts through me just as if I were outside.
“I’ll admit, it was easier for the boy. He was here before I could snap the seal on a bottle. Begging me for another chance to go in. But what can you say?” He mimics my voice “‘Take his place, Haymitch, because all things being equal, I’d rather Peeta had a crack at the rest of his life than you?”‘
I bite my lip because once he’s said it, I’m afraid that’s what I do want. For Peeta to live, even if it means Haymitch’s death. No, I don’t. He’s dreadful, of course, but Haymitch is my family now. What did I come for? What could I possibly want here?
“I came for a drink,” I say.

Credit for this image goes to Rikakio on DeviantArt

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