Is Zoe Aggeliki the favorite to play Johanna Mason?

Could we possibly have some actual Catching Fire casting decisions in the near future?  We don’t want to get our hopes up, and still nothing has been confirmed, but Deadline is reporting that Zoe Aggeliki is the likely front-runner to play Johanna Mason.

 Looks like we might have a Hunger Games winner. Zoe Aggeliki has the edge over Jena Malone for a role in Lionsgate‘s The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. Aggeliki and Malone (Sucker Punch) are up for the part of Johanna Mason, an ax-welding, deceptive and ruthless winner of a previous Hunger Games in the sequel film. However, sources say model-actress Aggeliki is the one in the most serious talks after both auditioned for director Francis Lawrence. Aggeliki has roles in the upcoming R.I.P.D. and another sequel, Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters. Lawrence took over as director on Catching Fire after original Hunger Games director Gary Ross choose in April not to helm the blockbuster’s sequel. The Mason character plays a pivotal role in the first and second Hunger Games sequels and would be a meaty role and career boost for any performer. With Jennifer Lawrence reprising her role as Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is scheduled for release November 22, 2013.

To reiterate, NOTHING HAS BEEN CONFIRMED (I know, we say that A LOT)! Since it is nearly July we know casting news is coming, we just don’t know when.  What do you guys think of Zoe?  Could she be our Johanna?  Let’s hope we find out soon!

Source:  Deadline


One response to “Is Zoe Aggeliki the favorite to play Johanna Mason?

  1. OMG i wish!! she would be a PERFECT johanna!!! even though my dream johanna is naya rivera … she would have been awesome!!!! JENA MALONE is playing johanna and i am legit crying 😥

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