Japanese ‘Hunger Games’ trailer

Watch this!  It’s the Japanese trailer for The Hunger Games which hits theaters there on September 28th. I am so in love with this, I really truly am.  After watching it the first time I was so excited to see the film, half forgetting that I’ve seen it multiple times already.  Based on that reaction alone I have no doubt this will be  big in Japan!

Thanks again to DWTC for alerting us to this!

2 responses to “Japanese ‘Hunger Games’ trailer

  1. I think it’s good! It just reveals too much, like when they showed Rue in the meadow… I think that fave too much away.
    But I still got chills 🙂

  2. I think it was so so so so so good! But i also think the american one is amazing, but the way they showed some events didnt make sense. But i love how they have abrahams daughter the song in the trailer, i think thats the song they used. And they showed so much but it was still great

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