Just Gale

Poor Gale, always left out!  This drawing illustrates Gale’s position as a nickname-less character, which is kind of unfair.  I’ll admit he’s not my favorite character, but he definitely is important and does loads of great things during the course of the trilogy.  So why no nickname?  No clue.

What do you think a good nickname for him would be?  We’d love to know what you’d call him, maybe we’ll even be able to do a poll if we get a few responses, so let us know in the comments section below!

Credit for this goes out to Deviant Artist KitkatKutie



10 responses to “Just Gale

  1. ALMOST ALL SHE DRAWS ARE PICTURES OF CATS!!!!! You have to look in her gallery and find the folder called “Humans.”

  2. The Boy With No Heart? … ok, sorry; personal grudges aside… maybe The Boy Who Shot The Squirrels? That’s rubbish, ignore that! This is really hard!

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