Mockingjay wallpapers

The incomparable Fortykoubun‘s has done it again!  She has a plethora of amazing art out there that we love sharing with you, so we thought we’d do some more of that.   Check out these wallpapers which all represent scenes in Mockingjay. Please note they are not spoiler free, so if you haven’t read the book you may want to proceed with caution!

Awesome, right?  You can find all of these on Fortykoubun’s Deviant Art page.



2 responses to “Mockingjay wallpapers

  1. I hope fortykoubuns does more MJ art, because I find these wallpapers to have some of the best depictions of hijacked!Peeta and the “real not real” scene. Especially how subtle and tasteful the “real not real” scene is, much as is in the book. I especially like that little touch of Peeta holding her braid!

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