Josh Hutcherson promises buffer Peeta

Josh Hutcherson made a vow while talking to USA Today that the Catching Fire Peeta will be buffer than ever before.

“I’m getting in even better shape this time around,” Hutcherson tells USA TODAY about the film, which begins production next month. “After the games, Peeta would have been taking care of himself physically. And he’s gone back to the village and is able to eat healthy,” says Hutcherson. “So I’ve been training and getting ready for that.”

In preparation for The Hunger Games, Josh put on 15 pounds of muscle on a diet of chicken, eggs, and broccoli. Josh and Liam Hemsworth both were trained by a Navy Seal.

“It was intense,” Hutcherson said at the time. “It was tire flipping and dragging random stuff around. It was never like, ‘let’s go bench press.’ “

This post goes out to all the fan girls screaming with excited! I’m sure we all want to see Josh with some abs of steel.

Source: USA Today


One response to “Josh Hutcherson promises buffer Peeta

  1. YES! I am one of those screaming girls! I love you Josh (and Peeta) and I can’t wait to see the movie!!! 

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