Suzanne Collins makes Forbes top-selling authors list


Suzanne Collins took the number 9 spot on Forbes top selling authors list, sandwiched in between Danielle Steel and Dean Koontz.  Earning $20 million is no small feat, we can only imagine what next year’s figures will look like.

With $20 million in earnings, almost all of it from sales of her “Hunger Games” books, Collins didn’t quite make the most recent edition of the FORBES Celebrity 100. But that was only because she had yet to see her full portion of the proceeds from the first “Hunger Games” film. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, the Lionsgate picture enjoyed the third-biggest opening weekend ever. To date, it has taken in more than $650 million worldwide. Collins’s cut of that is believed to be upward of $5 million, not including the $1.5 million she was paid for the rights. That will rise still further with sales of the DVD, released this month.

You can find the complete list here.


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