Interesting ‘Catching Fire’ fancasts

Before we begin: these are NOT REAL!  I just wanted to get that out of the way before any rumors formed, we have enough of those already! posted these interesting (and might we add presumably tongue-in-cheek)  casting choices for some of the yet-to-be revealed characters.  Any thoughts?

I’m not sure any of these would really work, but who knows.  All in good fun, right?



10 responses to “Interesting ‘Catching Fire’ fancasts

  1. Lindsey Lohan I think would not be good. Also Paul Reubens.. NO!!!! Rihanna could do probaly a good job since she was just in battleship or whatever it was called. Of course Dwayne Johnson could totally pull off being Beetee. You never know.

    • In what alternate universe could The Rock ever play Beetee? Beetee’s small, kinda awkward, doesnt seem that socially stable. How could The Rock pull that off? If you’d said Brutus, that’d be a whole other conversation. You also have to remember that the morphlings dont even really act. Except for the monkey scene and thats only the female morphling.

      • well you have a point about the rock. i thought beetee is a little too akward for the rock but i don’t know. he is a good actor but i dont think lindsey lohan should be or paul reubens.

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