Dayo Okeniyi, Jack Quaid become friends with fan sites

As we’ve said before, one of the great things about The Hunger Games is how cool the actors and actresses have been, especially when it comes to dealing with fans. Well, that couldn’t have possibly been more true than on Friday at midnight, when Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh) and Jack Quaid (Marvel) hung out with Courtney from Welcome to District 12, Tiffany from Victor’s Village, Beth from, Erin and Elena from HGMovieSite/Fangirlish, and — serving as emcee — the GREAT Aldrin (aka District 2 Mayor) from Down With the Capitol. Just watch and smile!

Here’s an excerpt from Welcome to District 12’s post. Read the full thing HERE!

Last Friday night we attended the Santa Clarita Walmart Hunger Games DVD release party! While many fans lined up outside of the Walmart answering trivia questions and eating cupcakes, we (Courtney and Tiffany) got a spectacular opportunity to have a group fansite interview with Jack Quaid (Marvel) and Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh). We hung out with the lovely Erin and Elena from, Beth from, and the ever awesome Aldrin from Down With The Capitol.

Here’s the emcee himself, Aldrin Gamos’ account, which you can read in full at Down With the Capitol!

Since I’m situated in Los Angeles, I attended the midnight release party at the Walmart in Santa Clarita, CA. I rode with Courtney from, where we met up with Tiffany (also from Welcome to District 12, in addition to Victors Village.) Upon walking to the entrance, we immediately noticed the huge line of people waiting to buy the DVD, in addition to meeting the cast members assigned to our location, Dayo Okeniyi and Jack Quaid. When we got there, there were about 90 people already in line, and we learned later that the line grew so much that a helicopter flew over to get a shot of the long line. Jennifer Sandler, VP of Publicity over at Lionsgate, greeted us at the door, and soon we were being led to the “Green Room,” where a fan site panel would get to interview Dayo and Jack. Courtney, Tiffany, and I were already giddy from being admitted into the store when everyone else was being kept out, but that giddiness overflowed when we turned into a hallway, where Dayo and Jack were standing…

Here’s Beth of’s take, which you can read HERE!

When we first got there, the fansites and the press were ushered into a back room at Walmart, and we had the chance to have a small, intimate Q & A with Jack and Dayo before the signings began. They are just as funny in person as they are on camera, and watching them interact together was the best part.

Here’s some of Tiffany Gustanski’s account, here in full at Victor’s Village!

It was a great night. I was very much tempted to raid WalMart’s display of Hunger Games school supplies, never mind the fact that I have been out of school for 3 years. Jack and Dayo are the sweetest, and they love the fansites so it was quite awesome getting to hang with them.

And lastly, some great insight from Erin of Fangirlish!

I am not sure who has more swag, Dayo or Jack. But we are telling you that they are two of the funniest people that we have ever met. Dayo and Jack have a presence, they walk in the room, and you can’t help but notice. They sat down, and were anxious to get to know us. We have transcribed the interview, but it doesn’t do it justice. The way that they are animated and play off each other, you can’t look away. Seriously, watch the video above, because I am telling you – you can’t help but laugh. Watch when the dimple question is asked. You won’t be able to look away.

If you couldn’t tell, EVERYBODY had the most incredible time, and it sounds like every Hunger Games fan would have absolutely loved this experience. Jack and Dayo, Hunger Games fan sites, you are all AWESOME in our book. So happy you got to experience this!


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