H&M in The Hunger Games

Everyone who has worked in affordable fashion retail experiences it; you start seeing the clothes you sell being worn by everyone. And then one day, you see that one thing that never sold. You feel surprised that someone actually bought it. I used to work at H&M. This is something I still experience daily, even though I haven’t worked there since earlier this year.

And I experienced it during my first viewing of The Hunger Games on opening night all those months ago. I think we all remember the women in the Capitol with the dogs, right? Well, something caught my eye…

I would recognize that dress anywhere.

In 2010, H&M had teamed up with Lanvin. They had a limited release of these “affordable” designer dresses. This pink dress was tried on by every woman who walked into the store, but rarely sold even when it hit %50 off.

I swear it’s not just me being paranoid. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But I’ve seen the film about 8 times now, and I just keep becoming more and more certain. And if anything, the dresses from this line would be perfect for dressing up like a Capitol citizen.

The pink one is, for whatever reason, suddenly “rare”, and rather expensive.  And there is a gold one of the same design.

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