EW Fan Casts ‘Catching Fire’


EW has decided to do a little bit of Catching Fire fan casting of their own, see who they’d like to see in the still yet-to-be-cast roles.


David Strathairn as Beetee: I know, Tony Shalhoub is rumored for this part. And to be honest, I’m not all that opposed to this casting. But, if it falls through and the Hunger Games casting agents need another opinion, might I suggest Strathairn of Alphas and The Bourne Ultimatum fame? Personally, I pictured Beetee a little older than Shalhoub, and I think that Strathairn could pull off the character’s twitchy vibe, yet still bring a bit of authority to the role. For some reason I just can’t picture Mr. Monk arguing with Caesar Flickerman over the legality of the Hunger Games.


Stephen Amell as Blight: So, Blight doesn’t really appear in the book much, since hegets electrocuted before Katniss and Peeta ever hook up with Johanna. Still, this guy’s Johanna’s fellow District 7 tribute, so he’s got to be at least kind of intimidating. I’m thinking Arrow‘s new star could go toe-to-toe with Jena Malone. I mean, have you seen him do pull-ups yet? Ideally Blight would be shirtless his entire time on screen, thank you.


Oliver Phelps as Darius: Who better as the young peacekeeper that stands up for Gale than a Weasley twin? And he has experience with losing body parts after getting his ear blown off in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Becoming an Avox will be a breeze.



Rebecca Hall (The Town) as Cecelia: There’s something about her that screams helpless but also strong mother to me. Maybe it was watching her deal with Christian Bale’s multiple personalities in The Prestige. I could definitely see myself crying as this woman fights to untangle herself from her children following the Reaping.


Do you agree with any of these so far? Either way you should check out all their picks which you can do  by clicking here.


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