Lavinia and Darius

We figured you wouldn’t mind if we shared another one of Nikola-Nickart’s stunning pieces with you, so here you go!  This time we bring you his depiction of Lavinia and Darius, who I don’t believe we see enough of in fan art.

Here are some spoilers, so stop reading now if you haven’t read the books (unless you want to be spoiled)!


during the quarter quell, lavinia was once again katniss and peeta’s avox, this time alongside former peacekeeper darius, old friend of katniss. in mockingjay, it was revealed by peeta that the capitol had tortured darius and lavinia to death during interrogation. since the avoxes were unable to speak or answer questions, peeta believed they were tortured simply so he could be forced to watch. they were tortured using the method of electrical shock and lavinia died immediately, more quickly than darius because they used too much voltage when shocking her and her heart stopped immediately.


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