Post Games Interview by Fortykoubuns


We present to you Fortykoubuns’ version of Katniss and Peeta’s first interview as victors. I really love how vulnerable and somber they both appear here, especially Katniss.  It’s a realistic portrayal, since most of us would probably be in similar shape if we went through such an ordeal.

I really love the work Fortykoubuns creates, if would like to see more of what she’s done check out her page on Deviant Art!




3 responses to “Post Games Interview by Fortykoubuns

  1. Fortykoubuns’ work is amazing! If you check out her deviant art page, she’s working on a hilarious version of the “Johanna strips in the elevator” scene. Must admit that her version of Peeta looks nothing like mine, even accounting for the manga style, but I like her renditions of everyone else, especially Prim and Mrs. E. She’s stated that CF is her favorite book, but I hope she does more MJ art as well, I’d love to see her take on the “Stay with Me” scene, especially since she’s already done the CF version of that.

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