Josh Hutcherson Talks to U.K. Site about The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence, and Fansites

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So Feminine in the U.K. got a chance to ask Josh a few questions.  Here’s some of what he had to say about The Hunger Games and his character, Peeta.

On the popularity of the books:

Plus there’s this cool futuristic world with an authoritarian government, which is intriguing to people, so to have a book that speaks to a younger audience that has such serious themes and real messages, I think is very gripping.

On connecting with his character:

But even as filming went on more and more I realized when playing Peeta how much I really am like him.

It certainly became a little weird and scary because I almost stopped acting and just started being myself and calling myself Peeta.

It’s funny, I sometimes feel that maybe I am more a collection of my character than my character is a collection of me.

On the chemistry between him and Jennifer:

Yeah, it‘s a not a huge state but there are a lot of us there!

But it was so weird that we are both from Kentucky, which is, funnily enough, kind of where District 12 is supposed to be. It’s loosely based in the hills of Kentucky.

There is a certain kind of understanding of the South and the same upbringing that we both had. We definitely bonded over that instantaneously.

In the screen test we talked about Kentucky and Kentucky Fried Chicken and rival basketball teams and all that stuff so there was very much a connection.

On being a Kentuckian:

I think there is a kind of hospitality thing that is understood like ‘Yes, ma’am’ and ‘No, sir’ and all that sort of thing, which I was very much brought up with.

Other than that, I don’t know. Most people I have met from Kentucky seem to have a pretty level head for the most part and seem to be well rounded.

I love being from there. It’s a great place to go back to and to be with my friends and family.

On dealing with the fansites and fans:

Sure. I think that is one of the awesome things — that people have the right to say what the hell they want to say.

For me I don’t go online all that much, not on Facebook or Twitter or anything like that, so the only time I use the internet is to look something up on Google.

Anybody I talk to on the streets or any fans that I meet in person I will talk to, though, for sure.

Sure, we may have known some of this stuff before from previous interviews, but hey, it’s Josh.  I don’t think we’ve quite tired ourselves just yet from hearing what he has to say!

Thanks to Hunger Games Network for the heads up!

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