First look at wigs from ‘Catching Fire’

Thanks to our friends at The Hob we have this photo of wigs that are suspected to be used in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  These wigs were reportedly spotted at The Doves Salon in Santa Monica by a fan.

The Doves Salon  actually posted the below photo and message on their Facebook page:

The past 2 days at the salon have been very exciting! We have been working with head hair stylist, Linda Flowers for a major motion picture. We are so honored to have had this team of hair artists in the salon!

Linda Flowers is of course the hair stylist for The Hunger Games, and it’s looking like she’ll be reprising that role in Catching Fire.  Anyone else think that is the major motion picture the folks at The Doves Salon were helping her with?  And if so, judging by those wigs, things look to be on the right track!

We recommend you check out the original post from The Hob! And, please, let us know what you think of the wigs!

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