Grandfather Adds a Mockingjay to His Backyard

Talk about one of the coolest things ever!  Check out what this awesome grandpa in Tennessee made in his backyard after reading The Hunger Games!

Here’s some insight into how this mockingjay came to be:

He documented making a mockingjay with photos taken from his roof.

It was a multilayered process.

“So the mockingjay is superimposed on this clock which has roman numerals,” he said as he pointed to the picture he outlined on paper. He used stakes to outline a circle in his yard.

“In order to plot the mockingjay and the clock face and everything else I had to cut it into quadrants with a string,” he explained.

He finished it with a mower, weed eater, and paint.

“I had to get the grass growing up the right height to where I could cut it two or three different levels then plotted it out,” he said.

Isn’t this excellent?!  To see a video of how this was made click here.

Source: WBIR via

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