What Would The Hungers Games Have Looked Like With A Different Director?

When you read a book do you imagine the characters a certain way or how you think an adaptation should look on the big screen? Well what if Gary Ross didn’t direct the Hunger Games and Kevin Tancharoen, director of the Fame remake in 2009 did? Apparently it was a possibility. Just as Gary Ross put together a video showing Lionsgate why he should get the job, Kevin Tancharoen put together a trailer mash-up of what he envisioned the Hunger Games to look like.  So without further ado, I present to you Kevin Tancharoen’s imagination of the Hunger Games.

Now that your curiosity is fulfilled, do you think he could have done justice to the Hunger Games if given the opportunity? Let me know in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend


16 responses to “What Would The Hungers Games Have Looked Like With A Different Director?

  1. I few things I noticed:
    1. Zack Efron will never play Peeta
    2. Amandla Setnberg is still Rue in that video
    3. There were some Harry Potter scenes I saw from The Goblet of Fire, and yes, I do realize how much The Goblet of Fire is similar to The Hunger Games

  2. Thank god that’s not the hunger games! People complain about Gary Ross but now they should be very thankful after seeing that! Never in a billion years would I have thought or even imagined the hunger games like that.

  3. This may be a little biased, but I ABSOLUTELY HATED THAT!!!!!!! Thank goodness lionsgate chose gary ross instead of this guy. It seems that he would have made it much more brutal, gory, and savage(and dont get me wrong, Im not saying that it isnt in any type of way) way. If any ever complained about gary ross, im sure they’d rethink their opinions after seeing this.

  4. Firstly,


    I’m so glad they chose Gary Ross as director. I agree with Kiara, it seems this version would have been much more violent, and I don’t think it would have been rated PG13…


  5. Guess I’m the only one who totally LOVED that! Gary Ross did very well, but that had so much more… well, I guess, fear in it. And passion… It evoked emotions on a deep level and that was only snippets of other movies. It was dark too, THG coulda used more darkness in it…

    • I totally agree with you! Gary Ross did a great job don’t get me wrong, but I imagined the film would be a bit darker. It did lack passion as well. I mean these are young kids dying for stupid reasons! I think Gary could have emphasised that more. Gary’s version is more cookie cutter.

    • You may think it could’ve used more darkness, but it wasnt written that way. Dont get me wrong I know that whole concept is totally horrific and gory, but it’s not made to quite savage. That might sound a little weird considering what the hunger games is, but it’s the truth. The books themselves have a deeper meaning than kids just killing each other. It seems that this version would be more focused on the gore, and most likely most of the books demographic (12-14 year olds) wouldn’t be able to watch the movie because it would probably be R-rated. I feel that it would decrease the overall value and the true meaning of the books.

  6. Personally, I liked this version very much. It had a darker element to it that the actual movie seemed to lack. A nice cast was chosen and it was very imaginative. Although I loved the movie, I don’t think it’d be half bad if this guy directed it.

  7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this video and even though I liked Gary Ross’ version, I think I would’ve liked Mr. Tancharoen’s version way better. It’s the lack of action that dissapointed me in the movie, and I believe that Tancharoen could’ve made it a little more intense and bloody without seeming too gore-glorifying. Aaaaaaaaand except for Zac Efron I totally agree with the casting!!

    • If it was more intense and bloody that AUTOMATICALLY makes it more gore-glorifying! I personally know that for some people who haven’t read the books, it was intense enough. Also, if they made it anymore bloody they’d have to make R-rated.

  8. I saw Zac Efron as Peeta and instantly went “Oh fuck NO’ excuse me for the language but that is what i said. Still glad Gary Ross directed it but this guy wouldv’e been good at gettin the thrills in

  9. OMG!!!! I absolutely LOVED that version! Gary Ross was awesome, but persdonally, too kid-friendly (even though they still showed the cornucopia)…. but only…
    1) Zac Effron: NOT PEETA
    2) There were Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Scenes
    3) NO TWILIGHT (no offense Twihards)
    4) THEY USED THE MUSIC FROM THE GLADIATOR!!!!!!!!! yeesssss!!!!!!!

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