The New Additions on set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Here’s the first set of photos of the new cast of Catching Fire on set, possibly during an arena scene, if the wetsuits (at least, that’s what they look like) are an indication.  But they may also be shooting another scene as well since Willow Shields (Prim Everdeen) was there.  She was there taking a break with Sam Claflin (Finnick Odair), Jena Malone (Johanna Mason), Alan Ritchson (Gloss). Later that afternoon, Lynn Cohen (Mags), Jeffrey Wright (Beetee), Stephanie Leigh Schlund (Cashmere), Meta Golding (Enobaria), E. Roger Mitchell (Chaff), Amanda Plummer (Wiress), and Bruno Gunn (Brutus) joined them.

Check out the rest of the cast by clicking on the “Continue Reading” button

Source: Just Jared via

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