The Hunger Runs

Do you like a physical challenges, and happen to live/be near the LA area around January 12, 2013? If so, consider participating in The Hunger Runs! It’s a day filled with obstacles inspired by The Hunger Games such as archery, spear throwing, balls of fire (!!), etc. and a great way to hang out with a group of your friends.

Welcome to The Hunger Runs, an adventure race like no other. Designed with obstacles and challenges guaranteed to test your strength and endurance, you will compete to win in our insane 5K+ course.
Whether you want to take on the challenge of finishing atop of your wave, or just like to enjoy a day of obstacles with your friends, The Hunger Runs has plenty for everyone! Run the distance. Shoot your way to victory. Win The Hunger Runs!

Head over to their website for tons more details and how to register. You can also follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.


Thanks to HGFiresideChat!

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