Welcome To District 12 uncovers secrets of The Hunger Games Blu-Ray!

If you own The Hunger Games on Blu-Ray you will definitely want to check this out!  The amazing Courtney from Welcome to District 12 discovered something pretty awesome while watching the special features, did anyone else notice this? Be careful, spoilers ahead!

We first noticed it while watching the special features disc. I had the World of the Hunger Games highlighted, and for whatever reason pressed down on the key pad. Very strangely this appeared:

What could this mean? Of course I started to press the down key on all the other sections of the Blu-Ray. I was rewarded with one more message:

So, I sat on this information for a few days. Frustration abounds, really. So excited about the discovery, but nowhere near finding an answer. We tried taking the first letters and jumbling them, taking the district names away, etc. Then, a breakthrough! Just a few hours ago I was looking at the main Blu-Ray disc to see if I missed anything. FINALLY, it made sense and I was kicking myself that I didn’t see it before! After the Lionsgate logo shows up, the opening animation of The Capitol reveals banners of each district, each with a word at the bottom of each banner. As these banners zoomed by, you saw some letters light up red, and some green. While this was confusing as hell the first time around, everything started to fit into place.
Fast forward to 20 replays later (that section of the Blu-Ray, unfortunately, is not pauseable), I circled every letter to the corresponding word according to what color they were attached to in the first two messages. The response gave me chills:

I bet you’re all dying to know what she discovered, right?  You must click here to find out!  Major props to Courtney and her impressive code-breaking skills!


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