Hunger Games: Hope by Verlisaerys

Here’s another great piece of Katniss-Peeta fan art we stumbled upon.  I love that not only are they standing in a field of dandelions but Katniss is also holding a bunch that rests on Peeta’s shoulder as they embrace.  Sweet, right?

Art by Verlisaerys


2 responses to “Hunger Games: Hope by Verlisaerys

  1. Another subtle aspect of this work, is the red scar on Katniss’s cheek; I assume this is left over from the lash she took to her face when she rushed to Gale’s side when he was being whipped in CF. Maybe it’s meant as a reminder that Katniss’s connection to Gale led to her being wounded, whereas her connection to Peeta will lead to her healing…

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