We The Kings’ Travis Clark Confirm They Recorded a Song For ‘Catching Fire’

You might remember, a few months ago, that Travis Clark tweeted about a new song they recorded for Catching Fire.   While it is still not official whether the song will make it to the soundtrack, Clark recently confirmed We The Kings are in talks with Lionsgate.

We-The-Kings-we-the-kings-1313822-800-600From The Bradenton Herald :

We the Kings’ next big hit could come from a soundtrack.

Clark’s “The Art of War” is a song the band recorded for the highly anticipated “Hunger Games” sequel “Catching Fire” that’s expected to open next November.

“We’re taking meetings with all the ‘Hunger Games’ people and it seems very positive right now,” Clark said. “Hearing our song on a movie like that is just going to be incredible.”

If you’re unfamiliar with We The Kings see below for what is probably their most well-known song and then let us know what you think about them potentially being on the next soundtrack.


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