Fan Displeasure Over Finnick Casting Makes Yahoo! News

With everyone so excited about the release of the Entertainment Weekly releases today, it was both surprising and not when this popped up on the front page of Yahoo! only about 10 minutes ago:

Fans unhappy over Finnick casting


Are you all happy with Sam Claflin as Finnick upon the release of the EW pictures today? Why and why not?


10 responses to “Fan Displeasure Over Finnick Casting Makes Yahoo! News

  1. He’s fine! I’m a girl and I seriously hate my gender sometimes. All these girls have visions of the how the male characters should look like when they read the books. So there is never going to be a PERFECT person for the role. Everyone has their own opinions. I’m more concerned with the acting, can he pull off the character? We’ll just have to wait and see!

  2. Seriously people!? I (emphasis on I) think he’s going to be GREAT! He’s an awesome actor, and that’s what REALLY matters. I mean, who wants someone who might be super hot but can’t act his way out of a trash can?

  3. I think Sam Claflin is perfect for Finnick! I don’t know why people are complaining- he’s got all the “Finnick” features, is pretty good-looking, and as we’ve seen from his previous movies, he’s a great actor.

    Maybe some people wanted Finnick to be more bulked up and tough looking, but you have to remember that in Mockingjay, Finnick was a wreck; he was having ‘concentration problems’ because he was always worrying about Annie in the capitol, and was constantly tying knots in a length of rope. Can you imagine what it would look like with some really buff guy with hardly any acting ability trying to like act that? It just wouldn’t look as convincing.

    In my opinion, you couldn’t find a better Finnick than Sam Claflin.

  4. They act like he just was cast. We knew he was Finnick for months and now there are some pictures of him out and he hasn’t magically turned into someone else. Duh.

  5. Really? we’re gonna start complaining about casting NOW? Get over yourselves. He can pull it off. I mean, did you SEE that picture of him whispering in Katniss’ ear? He can DEFINITELY pull it off.

  6. I think Sam will do a brillient job personaly. Yes i thik they shoud have used green contacts and his hair should have been bronze not blonde. His muscles should be bigger and he should have more of a tan to play Finnick but i’m sure he will be am EXELENT Finnick.

  7. Oh, please! Who cares if he’s “hot” enough? I’m sure he’ll make an awesome Finnick. Stop complaining. Jeez.
    And just for the record, I find him to be very “Hot”. 😛

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