Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult break up

As Perez Hilton reports, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are no longer together.


Here are the details:

Oh no! But it was a match made in X-Men heaven!

It seems that our girl Katniss AKA Jennifer Lawrence and Tony from Skins Nicholas Hoult have ended their romantic relationship after two years!

According to an insider:

“They’re young and grew apart. But they remain friends.”

Well that’s good!

Especially since they are set to reunite for X-Men:Days of Future Past, which begins once Jennifer wraps on the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire.

How do you feel about this? Admit it: Part of you is wondering if this could lead to a Jennifer Lawrence-Josh Hutcherson romance!


2 responses to “Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult break up

  1. So sad to hear this. They made a great pair, and I loved how happy they were together, but at least it doesn’t seem like it ended with a fight.

  2. I for one am NOT on the “Jen and Josh should date” bandwagon. Not that it hasn’t happened before that actors playing lovers in a movie become lovers themselves, but the idea that it SHOULD happen, or that it’d make the movie better, or something, seems to have only been spawned after what happened with Pattinson and Stewart in Twilight. Also, if that happens, then I’m sure coverage of the romance aspects of THG would become WAY too overblown as well. Please, no.

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