RUMOR: Is ‘Catching Fire’ Filming In New Jersey?


Yesterday the blog, North Jersey, reported that scenes from Catching Fire  were being filmed in Ringwood State Park in Oakand New Jersey:

Film crews are shooting footage Friday morning for the second day in Ringwood State Park, officials said. The scenes are reportedly for the sequel to the “The Hunger Games.”

A permit was filed with the state for a commercial film shoot at Ringwood State Park and Ramapo Mountain State Forest for GGX Productions under the film name, “The Idiom.” GGX has been connected to casting and production of “The Hunger Games” in the past and it was widely reported that casting calls and filming of “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” at Atlanta locations was done under the name “The Idiom.”

The permit called for scouting of the locations on Tuesday and Wednesday with filming Thursday and Friday with any extra days to be determined. State Parks Police at the entrance to Ringwood State Park said the entire park was closed Friday and would re-open Saturday.

About a half dozen semi trailers unloading tripods and other equipment have been seen near the entrances to Ringwood State Park. The vehicles have occasionally caused a backup of traffic on Skyline Drive.

The same blog subsequently posted this:

“The movie wrapped several weeks ago,” said a source close to production of “Catching Fire.” “They are not shooting there. I can tell you that definitively.”

We don’t know who these sources are or if what they say is true.  So until we have official confirmation,  file this one under ‘rumor’.

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