Hayffie The Real Deal?

Some fans love to ship Haymitch and Effie (Hayffie), others are skeptical at best. Their romantic relationship was never clearly stated in the books, but as with everything in life you have to read between the lines. If you’re a regular Tumblr user, you will have come across Hayffie gifs countless times. Now it seems that Elizabeth Banks, who plays Effie, has acknowledged the Hayffie fandom.

Welcome back, Phoebe! And hello there Hayffie fans. I’ve seen you all on Tumblr and now Phoebe is here as your representative with “proof” that Effie and Haymitch are a couple. Agree or disagree? Leave your comments. Xx EB


Phoebe, a guest blogger on ElizabethBanks.com, has gathered some…evidence(?) to support the existence of Hayffie.

I feel like I could just leave this gif as proof that Haymitch and Effie secretly want each other despite their snarky comments, but I’m not going to do that. Why? Because there are countless other reasons why I love them and why I think they’d make a great (great as in annoyed-with-each-other-95%-of-the-time-but-still-in-love) couple.

Haymitch and Effie have that kind of banter-y relationship that definitely makes you wonder what they’re truly thinking and feeling. These two characters have known each other and worked closely with each other for years, surely there is an undercurrent of amicableness between them. If Effie truly hated Haymitch, I doubt she would have stayed on as escort for District 12, and most of the time Haymitch’s rude comments to Effie feel half-hearted. I think that beneath it all they’re attracted to each other. Some of the looks they shared in the movie certainly seemed that way. Anyone notice how Effie was always gravitating towards Haymitch on screen? And how in the books they’re always mentioned together?

There are also quotes from the book that she uses to support her case. It’s pretty funny regardless of whether you’re a Hayffie shipper or not. Read the rest of the blog post at ElizabethBanks.com

Incidentally, Elizabeth Banks tweeted this picture earlier. Is she a Hayffie shipper??

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 10.16.16 AM

One response to “Hayffie The Real Deal?

  1. I loved this post from Phoebe! I’m a total hayffie shipper.

    And to answer your question – Yes Elizabeth Banks is a hayffie shipper and has been since she started filming thg!

    For example, she’s said:

    “Haymitch and Effie are sort of like characters from a great 40’s love affair rom-com. You know, they’re a little Bogie and Bacall. There’s a bit of push-pull. There’s a little love-hate. There’s a little bit – just enough respect to keep it tied together. Um, but they – there’s a lot of wit between them. They’re two great wits – well matched.”


    “Haymitch and Effie have spent a lot of time together,” Elizabeth coyly quipped. “We played a lot with that actually.” “I think that there is actual respect between the two of them….We wanted to play them like they’re old—well, they’re not old friends, but there is a respect between them,” Ms. Banks very professionally filled us in, before dishing the real juicy dirt: “I think Effie has a huge crush on Haymitch. I have a huge crush on Woody [Harrelson]. And I think Haymich is like “Eh, I think Effie would be fun in the sack. I would do that.'”

    Not to mention the other times she’s tweeted about hayffie in the past!


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