Rebel Wilson to Appear in Mockingjay?

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed Rebel Wilson,  best known for her role in Pitch Perfect, says she had a meeting about The Hunger Games concerning a Capitol citizen role!  In addition to this, she reveals that she’s a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence, calling her the sexiest woman alive.  Going back to the first point, if true, what do you think of Rebel as a Capitol citizen?  Would it be a good fit?


OK, so other than those two, who else would you say are the sexiest man and sexiest woman alive?

RW: Well, I’d say Channing Tatum, but we just talked about him — so, like, cutest? I’d say that guy Logan Lerman from Perks of Being a Wallflower. And then…sexiest female, I’d have to go with Jennifer Lawrence.

Ah, so you’re a J.Law fan?

RW: Yeah, yeah, and I’ve met her. I met her at a party and she was super-duper nice. She’s really quite tall. Which I found — I don’t know if you get that impression when you see her in movies, but she’s quite tall. Yeah, and she’s just really nice and I love The Hunger Games and I can’t wait for the new one to come out.

Ooh, would we ever see you in a role in The Hunger Games?

RW: Um, seriously, I have had a meeting about being in The Hunger Games. Yes.

Oh! In what district?

RW: It was one of the people in the capitol. That’s all I’ll say.

That would be good. That’s a good choice.

RW: Yeah, because there aren’t a lot of roles open, because they’ve all already been cast, but that would be awesome. I’d love to be in The Hunger Games.



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