Enter Hollywood Video’s Hunger Games Giveaway

In honor of the recent Catching Fire  teaser trailer release, Hollywood Video is giving away some pretty awesome Hunger Games merchandise!



Here’s what you can win:

When the tributes from the 12 districts of Panem first enter the arena, they’re tempted with various rucksacks of items stashed in the Cornucopia to help them survive the rigors of the Hunger Games. Here at Hollywood Video, we know how hard it’s been waiting for the November 22nd release of Catching Fire, so we’re giving you a bag full of Hunger Games goodies to help you get through the next 7 months!

Possible prizes in the grab bag may include but are not limited to Hunger Games jewelry, apparel, action figures, stationary supplies and more, all packaged in a Mockingjay double-buckle backpack!

For details on how to enter, click here!


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