T.T.L. Discuss Their Inspiration to Compose “Beyond Fire” for the Catching Fire Trailer

T.T.L. recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about what inspired them to write Beyond Fire– the song featured in the Catching Fire teaser trailer–which they reveal was composed specifically for that purpose!


The instrumental number, an epic, darkly toned track, falls somewhere between classical orchestration and EDM-tinged ambiance. The pair, who previously penned “Deep Shadow” for the first Hunger Games trailer, wrote the song with the film’s sensibility in mind.

“There’s an extreme confidentiality around the trailers world so, except for a brief description of the plot, they don’t give us a lot of information,” Tiffany says. “In the case of The Hunger Games trailers, we actually read the trilogy books to get deeper into the atmosphere of the story. While writing the music we got inspired thinking about the sense of sacrifice, survival and revolution present in the books. It was not too hard to get into this mood, since these are issues that we are living in now, in this moment of history.”

Don’t forget, you can now purchase Beyone Fire on  iTunes.  For the complete inteview with T.T.L. click here.

Thank you to our friends at Panem Propaganda for the tip!




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