William Levy In Talks For Mockingjay Movie?

The Latin Times is reporting that William Levy is in talks to star in the upcoming Mockingjay movies. This is one HOT and SEXY man! Which character would he play? (Spoiler Alert) Only Boggs comes to mind for me. How could our sweet Sam Claflin compete with both Liam Hemsworth AND William Levy in Finnick’s underwear scene in Mockingjay?!

This is NOT official and we have no official casting announcement from Lionsgate. As much as we’d all love to stare at William on screen, don’t get your hopes up. 😉



3 responses to “William Levy In Talks For Mockingjay Movie?

  1. Boggs?! Seriously? Boggs is 40-year old (or at least looks that way to Katniss, who’s probably guessing his age) and a father figure of sorts to 17-year old Katniss. Does this guy look like a 40-year old seasoned soldier who’s a father figure to Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss? Come on guys. Boggs is not the only new male character in Mockingjay.

    The most likely character for him to play, i.e. audition for, is Messala – Capitol-born, Cressida’s assistant, described as a slim young man with several sets of earrings. Another possibility is Pollux, whose age is unspecified, but he’s described as a “burly man” and this model-like guy is not exactly how I imagine burly. A third possibility is that they’ve decided to de-age some of the soldiers from District 13 (Mitchell and Homes are both middle-aged/older men), which I wouldn’t be overjoyed about, but it would still be better than de-aging and sexing up Boggs, which would be a terrible, terrible idea. Boggs should never be played by someone people would more easily imagine as Jen’s boyfriend than her father figure.

  2. Did they think that just because Harry Potter book 7 and Twilight book 4 each got made into 2 movies, Hunger Games book 3 had to get 2 movies too? Even though Mockingjay is easily the worst of the trilogy? Bleh, they better be giving the movie an alternate ending to the book’s ending to give us some more and better story. 😉

  3. YES, I could definitely see William Levy portraying Finnick Odair or Commander Boggs in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. At 6’, William Levy’s very muscular, broad-shouldered body along with his ability to perform confident, strong, and commanding characters would certainly be an asset to either of these roles. I can see William Levy in the role of Finnick Odair, because William fits the description of Finnick, a male tribute described as a 24 year old and being very handsome, muscular, athletic and tall with tan skin, bronze hair, and stunning sea-green eyes. In addition, I can also visualize William in the role of Commander Boggs, who is described as a career military man, President Coin’s right-hand man, in his mid-forties with close-cropped gray hair and blue eyes. If the age difference can be overlooked, William Levy could very easily be transformed through the use of make up artistry, etc. into the roles of the Finnick Odair or Commander Boggs. William Levy’s huge fan base knows that he has the talent, acting experience, and emotional intelligence to deliver believable performances. I would love to see him in the Hunger Games Trilogy. Best wishes!!!

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