Enter to win a Paperback edition of CATCHING FIRE

In our recent Fandom Hangout that took place earlier today from 7:30pm to 9:30pm Eastern Time, we announced a bunch of book giveaways that we have to officially launch most of our new fandom sites, and we also had a few giveaways for a few of our already-established fandom sites, including this one!

The paperback edition of Catching Fire was just released on June 4th, and now’s your chance to enter to win a copy of it!  Just click on the image below or on the sidebar to enter!

You can watch our Hangout below to see what else we talked about, including other giveaways!

5 responses to “Enter to win a Paperback edition of CATCHING FIRE

  1. I’m a massive fan of the trilogy so to win a signed copy would be absolutley amazing and really make my day- my whole year in fact!

  2. I read the series in spanish and I fell in love with the books. Sadly I don’t own them, they’re my grandma’s. Now I want to read the original edition, and if I can own at least one of the books it would be awesome! There’s always tons of things that get lost in translation and it would be a huge waste to be fluent in english and not reading the original text in the language the author meant to write it in.

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